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Club History

Neath Golf Club's rich history is a tale of unwavering determination and resilience. Conceived by visionary founder Mr. M. H Daniel, the club's journey began on July 18th 1933 as he recognised the need for a local golfing hub. Supported by the dynamic leadership of Mr. A. J. Morris, the club's initial setbacks were met with perseverance. Challenges in securing suitable land didn't deter their spirit.

After a series of setbacks, a breakthrough came with the discovery of the perfect site at Gellia Farm, Cadoxton. Expert guidance from acclaimed golf architect Mr. James Braid ensured the course's excellence. Overcoming financial hurdles through members' generosity, the club flourished. Today, it stands as a proud institution, its course renowned for its natural beauty, offering breathtaking vistas of mountains, valleys, and a picturesque view stretching to the sea. As the club continues to thrive, it remains a testament to the enduring spirit that was created decades ago.
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