Membership forms can be downloaded by clicking here.

Subscription year - 1st April to 31st March.

Membership is available during the year with subscription pro-rata.

Benefits of being a Neath Golf Club Member

When you join the Club you can enjoy the following benefits of Club membership:-

  • Officially recognised CONGU handicap issued by the Golf Union of Wales.
  • The option of signing in up to three visitors at any one time at a discounted guest rate green fee.
  • Allocation of a Glamorgan Golf Union County Card which allows 50% discount on a day’s green fee at most Clubs in South Wales.
  • Superbly conditioned course with excellent greens playable all year round
  • Buggy Hire at reduced rates
  • Practice Putting and Chipping Area
  • Locker Room and Changing Facilities
  • A minimum 10% discount on all drinks when paying with your membership account.
  • Participation in the active and friendly Social side of the Club, joining in with one of the Member groups and taking part in Member events.
  • A friendly, welcoming atmosphere

Membership Fees

Membership CategorySubscriptionJoining FeeGUW SubscriptionGCGU SubscriptionTotal SubscriptionLoyalty CardTotal
Full Playing ****£660.00Currently suspended£12.80£5.00£677.80£30.00£707.80
5 Day (Mon-Fri) ***£565.71Currently suspended£12.80£5.00£583.51£30.00£613.51
Flexi-Play **£220.00Currently suspended£12.80£5.00£237.80£30.00£267.80
Affordable *£462.60Currently suspended£12.80£5.00£480.40£30.00£510.40
Intermediate (18-21 years old)£282.86Currently suspended£12.80£5.00£300.66£30.00£330.66
Intermediate Student (18-22 years old)£165.00Currently suspended£12.80£5.00£182.80£30.00£212.80
Junior (15-18 years old)£132.00Currently suspended£4.50Nil£136.50£15.00£151.50
Junior (14 and under years old)£110.00Currently suspended£4.50Nil£112.50£5.00£119.50
Country£297.00Currently suspendedNilNil£297.00£30.00£327.00
Social£18.00Currently suspendedNilNil£18.00£30.00£48.00
*** 5 Day membership entitles the member play Monday to Friday only. Members wishing to play on a weekend can pay a supplement of £10.00 per round.

** Flexi-Play membership entitles the member to play 7 days a week. The member has to pay £15.00 for every round played between April & September and £12.00 for every round played betweem October & March.

*Affordable Membership - restrictions apply - contact the Secretary for further information.

**** The General Committee are offering a promotional scheme this year for 22 to 29 year olds to promote the number of members in this age range. The promotion allows members of the following ages to pay the following rates on a sliding scale with the hope this will maximise membership retention:

22 to 25 years old 50% of full playing subscription
26 years old 60% of full playing subscription
27 years old 70% of full playing subscription
28 years old 80% of full playing subscription
29 years old 90% of full playing subscription

Membership Offers

1)  4 new members join together for the price of 3*

2)  3 new members join together and receive 17% discount*

3)  2 new members join together and receive 10% discount*

4)  A New Full Playing member joining with a junior member (under 18 years) and the junior receives their first year’s subscription at half price.*

*Only applicable to full playing membership.
Members re-joining the club within 3 years of leaving are not automatically entitled to take up any membership offer available at that time.